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It’s been one of those days. Everyone is hangry. You don’t need a snack. You need a break-the-glass, soul-lifting refreshment. We got you. Amazing Vending Services provides only top of the line snacks and beverages, as well as a smooth customer focused vending experience.

black line graphic soda can, chip bag, chocolate bar

Snacks Galore

We have a wide selection of snacks and candy available. Choose from a list or let us find the right goodies for you!

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Salty Snacks

Crave those salty savory morsels? We’ve got them all, from the go-to classics to exotic flavors for the adventurous types.

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The Sweetness

Get that sugar rush to help you make it through the day. We’ve got the best candy. The sweetness that you need to deal with life’s not so sweet moments.

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Health Kick

Whole office doing a healthy food challenge? Want to cut back on junk food? Our hearty selections will meet all of your "eat right" needs.

soda bottles


Whether it’s going to be a long day, you went for a long run or just finished a long meeting, everyone can use a refreshing drink. We have all the beverages to quench your thirst.




Oh hi,

I'm so happy you are here. Let me tell you how Amazing Vending Services came to be. I’ve worked in offices and retail for almost 20 years and know there are a lot of things that can go wrong at work. There is a lot of stress in life that can weigh on a person. And a broken vending machine can break a team's morale. One time at work, our vending machines broke down and I saw my poor office manager call business after business to get a new vending machine supplier. She called for weeks and was either ignored or told nobody can could help. After several months, we finally got a working machine.

It was then I realized that there must be a better way to do business in the vending machine trade. So I started Amazing Vending Services because I wanted people to enjoy their favorite snacks and beverages. I wanted to give them a little break from the day.

woman in pink top holding Boston Terrier dog

Christine Wheeler with Sky

Owner/Snacking Expert